ZettaBlock Expands Snowflake Data Share to Include Sui Blockchain Data

2 min readMay 2, 2024

Building on our successful integration of Ethereum data into Snowflake a few weeks ago, ZettaBlock is excited to announce the addition of comprehensive Sui blockchain data to our Snowflake Data Share offering. This expansion reinforces our commitment to providing developers and enterprises with seamless access to the most robust and diverse blockchain datasets available.

Empowering Sui Ecosystem Innovation

The Sui blockchain has garnered significant attention for its novel data and asset-centric architecture, designed to enable Web3 applications at an unprecedented scale. By making Sui data accessible through Snowflake, ZettaBlock aims to accelerate innovation within this rapidly growing ecosystem. Developers and enterprises can now effortlessly incorporate enterprise-grade Sui data into their applications, analytics pipelines, and data warehouses.

“We are excited to expand our Snowflake Data Share to include Sui blockchain data. This step empowers our users to leverage cutting-edge infrastructure for real-time analytics and app development at scale, setting new standards for enterprise-grade blockchain solutions.”

- Scott Shi, CTO & Co-Founder of ZettaBlock

Enhanced Data Access, Streamlined Workflows

Through the Snowflake Marketplace, developers now have access to a comprehensive suite of Sui datasets, including:

  • Balance changes data to track updates to account balances
  • Checkpoints data providing snapshots of the Sui blockchain state
  • Token data to track prices and metadata of various coins
  • Events data capturing emitted events from smart contracts
  • Latest fungible and non-fungible token balance data
  • Object changes data tracking modifications to on-chain objects
  • Transactions and transaction blocks data for analyzing activity.

This integration allows developers to bypass the challenges associated with in-house blockchain data indexing and processing. Instead of building and maintaining complex data pipelines, teams can seamlessly extend their existing data warehouses by streaming ZettaBlock’s comprehensive, real-time Sui datasets directly to their pre-existing solutions. Leveraging Snowflake’s scalability and performance, developers can ingest large volumes of Sui data with ease, without the overhead of managing their own indexing infrastructure. This streamlined approach ensures applications built on Sui data maintain high performance and reliability.

Getting Started: Broader Data, Broader Insights

To begin exploring Sui data through ZettaBlock and Snowflake, simply navigate to the Snowflake Marketplace.

For more information on ZettaBlock’s blockchain data solutions, please visit our website and explore our comprehensive developer documentation.




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