Unleashing the Power of Real-Time Blockchain Data with ZettaBlock

4 min readJun 15, 2023

Real-time applications require real-time data. Fueling innovation and empowering developers to create groundbreaking solutions.

However, indexing real-time data has been a challenging endeavor — until now.

Why is Real-Time Data Needed?

Real-time data is crucial for a wide range of blockchain applications. Whether it’s tracking user balances, enabling real-time payments, monitoring supply chains, or conducting complex analytics, you need instant access to immediate insights and dynamic interactions.

It enhances user experiences, improves operational efficiency, and enables real-time decision-making.

With the availability of super-fresh data, developers can build applications that deliver timely and accurate information, leading to enhanced user engagement and business success.

Technical Challenges

Web3 developers face the need to access a balanced combination of historical and real-time data.

For example, certain applications often require the ability to display past transactions and active user metrics, while also presenting the latest available data.

Getting real time data requires a robust data indexing infrastructure, that will both crawl the latest blocks as fast as possible, as well as handle reorgs, as soon as they occur.

In addition, to support developers within the same robust ingestor, ZettaBlock needs to ensure all of the data that is indexed is also decoded in real-time, for developer ease of use. Making event sourcing and writing business logic on top of events or calls, as seamless as possible.

The main technical challenges in indexing real-time data are:

  • Data Latency: Accessing real-time data with minimal latency across the ingestion, transformation and serving layers is essential for responsive applications.
  • Data Synchronization: On-chain and off-chain data often exist in separate environments, requiring developers to create and maintain pipelines for seamless data synchronization.
  • Data Compromise: The ability to provide both real-time and historical query capabilities using existing infrastructure solutions is often limited or compromised, making it challenging for developers. Certain use cases require both data kinds to be available, yet a lot of providers support only one kind of data.
  • Data Integrity: Blockchains’ fast block times and potential reorganizations necessitate robust data quality checks and processes to prevent data loss and misinformation.
  • Cost and Expertise: Building and maintaining in-house solutions for real-time data can be expensive and resource-intensive. It requires significant expertise and engineering resources.
  • Customization and Scalability: Existing indexing solutions may lack the flexibility to turn complex business logic into user-friendly APIs. Scalability becomes crucial when handling high transaction volumes and concurrent data requests.

Solutions: Real-Time Data, for Real

ZettaBlock’s fully managed, real-time backend offers comprehensive solutions to overcome these technical challenges.

The key features and benefits of ZettaBlock’s solution are:

  • Low-Latency Data Availability: ZettaBlock ensures real-time data availability with minimal latency (within seconds), enabling developers to access the freshest blockchain information. This is a huge improvement in comparison to data lake solutions, which usually have data that is behind for 30+ minutes.
  • Seamless Data Integration: Developers can easily synchronize on-chain and off-chain data, creating a unified and comprehensive data environment for real-time applications.
  • No Compromise, Utilize both Historical and Real-time Data: ZettaBlock addresses the need for both data types, with its unique and innovative approach. This marks the first iteration in the direction of solving the dilemma, ensuring that developers can seamlessly access and utilize both real-time and historical data without compromise.
  • Real-time Balances: Zettablock’s real-time balances, with super freshness and blazing fast access, can enable seamless integration with wallet or portfolio tracking applications, as well as help drive investment decisions for entities, based on the cumulative changes of these balances.
  • Data Integrity Assurance: ZettaBlock implements robust data quality checks and processes to ensure the integrity and accuracy of real-time blockchain data.
  • Cost-Effective and Scalable: By leveraging ZettaBlock’s institutional-grade infrastructure, developers can significantly reduce costs and resources required to build and maintain real-time data systems. The scalable architecture allows for high transaction volumes and concurrent data requests without compromising performance.
  • Customizable APIs: ZettaBlock empowers developers to create custom APIs, tailoring them to specific business requirements and extracting insights beyond basic data retrieval.

Who Can Benefit?

ZettaBlock’s real-time data solutions offer immense benefits to various end-users:

  • Ecosystems and Developers: With ZettaBlock’s streamlined backend, developers can focus on building innovative applications without worrying about complex data infrastructure. They can leverage real-time data to create engaging user experiences and unlock new business opportunities. Blockchain ecosystems can collaborate with ZettaBlock to provide necessary assistance to developers and their dApps, in order to facilitate the development of applications on their blockchain platform.
  • Enterprises: Industries such as finance, supply chain, and more can harness real-time blockchain data while enjoying the seamless integration and institutional-grade data infrastructure provided by ZettaBlock. This enables secure and efficient operations with enhanced privacy and data reliability.
  • Solution Providers: ZettaBlock’s solution opens up new possibilities for solution providers, enabling them to enhance their offerings by integrating real-time data capabilities. They can deliver value-added services to developers and enterprises seeking real-time data integration.


Real-time data is a game-changer for blockchain applications, enabling dynamic user experiences, advanced analytics, and secure enterprise solutions.

ZettaBlock’s fully managed backend addresses the technical challenges associated with accessing and utilizing real-time data.

Developers can now leverage the freshest data seamlessly across various blockchains, empowering them to build innovative applications with ease.

This is only the beginning — join us on this journey as we redefine what’s possible with real-time data in Web3 applications.

To learn more about ZettaBlock, visit zettablock.com, and follow @ZettaBlockHQ on Twitter.




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