The Power of Real-Time Address Balances

3 min readJun 19, 2023

Real-time address balances are a game-changer in blockchain applications, providing instant and accurate balance information for enhanced user experiences and decision-making.

ZettaBlock is thrilled to announce the release of Real-Time Address Balances, a game-changing solution that empowers developers, wallet solutions, and enterprises with up-to-the-second balance information for their applications.

The Significance of Real-Time Address Balances

Real-time account balances play a crucial role in various blockchain applications. From tracking user balances to driving investment decisions, the ability to access instant and accurate balance information is essential. Developers can leverage real-time balances to create engaging wallet and portfolio tracking applications, enhancing user experiences.

Key Features

ZettaBlock’s Real-Time Address Balances solution offers several key features and benefits to developers:

  • Native and ERC-20 Account Balances: Developers now have the ability to access both native account balances and ERC-20 token balances. Developers can seamlessly integrate these balances into wallet and portfolio tracking applications, offering users a comprehensive view of their assets. This opens up new possibilities for managing and monitoring diverse cryptocurrency holdings in real time.
  • Data freshness is prioritized to ensure developers have access to the most up-to-date balance information available. On average, the data can be accessed within low single-digit seconds of block confirmation. This means that developers can rely on near-instantaneous updates, keeping users informed and empowered to make timely investment decisions based on the latest balance data.
  • API Latency: The super low-latency API enables developers to retrieve balance data with exceptional speed. With low API latency, developers can create highly interactive and seamless user experiences, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.
  • Future Improvement Plans: Future iterations will help bring down the latency even further.

Unlocking Opportunities: Real-Time Address Balances for All

Previously, developers, wallet-solutions and enterprises had to build and maintain their own balance-indexing infrastructure or make costly calls to obtain the information. Such in-house solutions are not only expensive, but also require a lot of maintenance hours.

Now, there is no need for complex and costly in-house infrastructures. ZettaBlock’s Real-Time Address Balances solution offers immense benefits to various stakeholders within the blockchain ecosystem:

  • Developers: With instant access to real-time address balances, developers can create innovative applications without the complexity of building and maintaining their own balance-indexing infrastructure, or rely on node calls for every single wallet/address and token address combination. They can focus on delivering engaging user experiences and unlocking new business opportunities.
  • Wallet and Portfolio Tracking Applications: Real-time address balances enable these applications to provide users with the most accurate and up-to-date balance information. This enhances user trust, engagement, and decision-making.
  • Financial Institutions and Enterprises: Industries such as finance, accounting, supply chain management, and more can leverage real-time address balances to enhance operational efficiency, enable secure transactions, and ensure accurate financial reporting.


Real-time address balances are a game-changer for blockchain applications, enabling instant insights and dynamic user experiences. ZettaBlock’s Real-Time Address Balances solution addresses the technical challenges associated with accessing and utilizing real-time balance data, providing developers with a powerful tool for innovation. With accurate and up-to-the-second balance information, developers can create applications that redefine the possibilities of blockchain technology.

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