Rohit Shekhar: Why I joined Zettablock

4 min readMay 4, 2023


As an experienced data infrastructure engineer, I have worked for both large scale and pre-IPO / early-stage companies, and I have authored several patents and papers. My experience includes solving data infrastructure challenges for various products and workloads. I have also acted as a technical lead and architect, and have mentored and managed high-performing teams of engineers. In the past, I was the Principal Engineer/Lead at Confluent, as well as at Salesforce, and the Technical Director at

In my recent role at Confluent, I focused on developing next-generation enterprise features, particularly on durability and predictable end-to-end performance for Kafka’s storage engine. As an initial developer, I bootstrapped a world-class team to tackle these complex features, providing detailed vision and technical leadership. Many of these features have been successfully deployed on the Confluent cloud and now serve more than tens of trillions of messages per day.

Throughout my career, I have created several hard and industry-first solutions related to data infrastructure. These solutions have addressed various challenges, such as distributed file systems, databases, messaging systems, and real-time streaming. As a technical lead and architect, I have mentored and managed high-performing teams of engineers, guiding them in creating innovative solutions.

During the search for an opportunity to apply my skills to new and novel problems that would make a significant impact, I came across ZettaBlock — an early-stage company with a focus on web3 technology and a rapidly growing customer base.

What I Was Looking For: A Chance to Apply My Skills to Industry-First Solutions for Web3

At ZettaBlock, I saw an opportunity to help pioneer the development of real-time data infrastructure for web3 data — a complex and challenging task, given the fragmented nature of the data and its massive size (currently over 500TB and quickly increasing, with a forecast to exceed 2PB in the next 12 months). To achieve this, we need to handle petabytes of data, process information from diverse sources in real-time, and quickly query the relationships between constantly changing data points. While there are some data infrastructure solutions that can partially tackle the challenges at hand, they may fall short when it comes to handling massive amounts of real-time data over extended periods. To overcome these obstacles and meet the comprehensive end-to-end requirements, ZettaBlock is determined to blaze new trails with bold and innovative work. I was excited to be a part of the team that’s pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the field of data infrastructure.

What drew me to ZettaBlock was its mission to enable faster adoption of emerging web3 technologies. By providing a real-time data infrastructure for web3 data, ZettaBlock helps web3 companies build enterprise-grade applications, manageability solutions, and observability. I believe that this type of support is necessary for the strengthening and widespread adoption of web3 technology.

Why I Am Bullish on ZettaBlock: A Journey to Faster Web3 Adoption

Web3 technology is constantly evolving and ZettaBlock is playing a crucial role in facilitating faster adoption through its real-time data infrastructure. ZettaBlock’s solutions are a game-changer for web3 companies, providing them with a powerful and efficient backend solution that simplifies the process of querying complex blockchain data. By using ZettaBlock’s super-low latency API, web3 companies can focus on creating innovative applications without getting slowed down by the technical challenges of acquiring blockchain data. This not only helps web3 companies develop enterprise-grade applications, observability, and manageability solutions, but also strengthens adoption overall.

Despite tough market realities, ZettaBlock is emerging stronger and stronger with impressive customer and investor support. Its popularity in a short span of time is a testament to the company’s innovative approach and ability to solve complex challenges in the industry. As the web3 landscape continues to evolve and grow, ZettaBlock’s goal positions it as a key player in driving the technology forward.

The People and Culture: Passionate and Honest Founders with a Clear Vision

What distinguishes ZettaBlock’s founders from others is their passionate and honest approach. They have amazing clarity on where they want to be, and what steps need to be taken to get there — they have a bold vision for the future of web3. Their efforts on delivering industry-first kind of solutions makes me feel young again, reinvigorated with the same passion and drive that marked the start of my career.

Join Us on This Amazing Journey

The future is never certain, but based on Zettablock’s impressive start, I have every reason to believe they’ll continue to be a major player in the web3 space.

If you’re a fan of cricket t20, you might say they’re already off to an incredible start, with a score of 60/0 in just 6 overs, while chasing a total of 160!

As someone once said, “We are our choices. Build yourself a great story”.

Choosing to be part of Zettablock’s journey means building a great story for yourself, as well as for other developers and web3 companies. If you’re ready for an exciting adventure and want to be part of a company that’s at the forefront of innovation in data infrastructure, then join us at Zettablock! For the current job openings, visit our LinkedIn and Wellfound pages.




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