Charting a New Course: Tim Qian’s Journey to Zettablock

3 min readAug 4, 2023


I am thrilled to announce that I am embarking on an exciting new journey with ZettaBlock, a startup with immense potential to become a fundamental tool for web3 builders. As someone who is passionate about creating tools for developers, I am eagerly looking forward to contributing my skills and experience towards achieving ZettaBlock’s ambitious goals.

My Prior Focus: Open-Source Tools

For those who might not be familiar with my work, I am perhaps best known as the original author of Star-History. Created over a single weekend, Star-history is an open-source tool that allows users to view the star history of GitHub repositories. It has since become extremely popular within the open-source community. Numerous organizations have embraced this tool to analyze their open-source projects, illuminating trends and patterns that help them strategize and grow. Some of the most popular open-source projects, including Auto-GPT and Bytebase, actively utilize Star-history.

Apart from Star-History, I have also developed a range of other tools, each with its own unique offering and user base. and Chart.xkcd are just a couple of standout examples. Chart.xkcd is an open-source library designed for creating quirky, sketchy, hand-drawn-like charts in JavaScript, while is a tool for creating/sharing interactive and customizable ChatGPT prompts. These tools have gained considerable traction and amassed a substantial number of users, further testament to the practicality and usefulness of my creations.

Why ZettaBlock? A Thrilling Journey Towards Web3 Advancements

My decision to join ZettaBlock is rooted in two significant factors.

Firstly, the leadership at ZettaBlock, particularly the founders, left a profound impression on me. Their combined vision for ZettaBlock and the web3 domain, their unwavering determination and belief in the project’s potential are truly inspiring. The passion they bring to their roles is evident in every strategic decision they make, creating a contagious energy that encourages innovation and creativity. Their leadership style fosters an environment that I believe will enable me to thrive and contribute significantly.

Secondly, the market that ZettaBlock is targeting — the web3 builders — is teeming with potential. Web3, the next generation of the internet, prioritizes decentralized networks and user-controlled data. As we transition into this new era, the demand for efficient, reliable, and user-friendly tools is bound to increase. I see a tremendous opportunity in this space and firmly believe that Zettablock has the potential to be a game-changer.

The opportunity to work on a project that can redefine an industry is both rare and exciting. The combination of working with an excellent leadership team and venturing into a burgeoning market full of potential made the decision to join ZettaBlock an unequivocal one. I am eagerly looking forward to the journey ahead and am excited about the milestones we are set to achieve.

As I embark on this new journey, I’m eager to face the challenges ahead, to learn, grow, and most importantly, contribute to the evolution of technology and the open-source community. I am convinced that this collaboration will forge a path to incredible discoveries and opportunities.




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